Commit 6c1e1da3 authored by Benito van der Zander's avatar Benito van der Zander

fix coloring not being auto enabled for xml/html output

parent f9cae728
......@@ -3846,9 +3846,6 @@ begin
outputHeader := mycmdline.readString('output-declaration') + mycmdline.readString('output-header');
if (outputHeader <> '') and not mycmdline.existsProperty('output-header') then outputHeader += LineEnding;
......@@ -3890,6 +3887,8 @@ begin
else raise EInvalidArgument.Create('Unknown output format: ' + mycmdLine.readString('output-format'));
if mycmdline.readFlag('trace') or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-stack') or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context') {or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context-variables') }then begin
tracer := TXQTracer.Create;
tracer.all := mycmdline.readFlag('trace');
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