Commit 3f4956e2 authored by Benito van der Zander's avatar Benito van der Zander

remove "uncertain" variables of patterns whose scope cannot be decided statically.

It seems they were already broken. There is no use of pushing a variable with correct name and value on the stack, if stack variables are not read by name anymore
parent 138f6264
......@@ -2890,7 +2890,7 @@ type TXQTracer = class
args: TXQVArray;
lastContext: TXQEvaluationContext;
varLog: TXQVariableChangeLog;
//varLog: TXQVariableChangeLog;
logLength: integer;
all, backtrace, context, contextVariables: boolean;
procedure globalTracing(term: TXQTerm; const acontext: TXQEvaluationContext; entering: boolean; const args: TXQVArray);
......@@ -2919,9 +2919,9 @@ begin
if all and entering then printStderr(term, args);
if self.context and entering then begin
lastContext := acontext;
if contextVariables then
{if contextVariables then
if acontext.temporaryVariables = nil then varlog.clear
else varLog.assign(acontext.temporaryVariables);
else varLog.assign(acontext.temporaryVariables);}
if all then printLastContext;
......@@ -2954,27 +2954,27 @@ begin
procedure TXQTracer.printLastContext;
vars: TXQVariableChangeLog;
// vars: TXQVariableChangeLog;
writeln(stderr, 'Dynamic context: ');
if lastContext.RootElement <> nil then writeln(stderr, ' root node: ', lastContext.ParentElement.toString());
if lastContext.ParentElement <> nil then writeln(stderr, ' parent node: ', lastContext.ParentElement.toString());
if lastContext.SeqValue <> nil then writeln(stderr, ' context item (.): ', lastContext.SeqValue.debugAsStringWithTypeAnnotation());
writeln(stderr, ' position()/last(): ', lastContext.SeqIndex, ' / ', lastContext.SeqLength);
vars := lastContext.temporaryVariables;
{vars := lastContext.temporaryVariables;
if contextVariables then vars := varLog;
if (vars <> nil) and (vars.count > 0) then begin
writeln(stderr, ' Local variables: ');
for i := 0 to vars.count - 1 do
writeln(stderr, ' ', vars.getName(i), ' = ', vars.get(i).debugAsStringWithTypeAnnotation());
WriteLn(stderr, '');
destructor TXQTracer.Destroy;
inherited Destroy;
......@@ -3562,7 +3562,7 @@ begin
mycmdline.declareFlag('trace', 'Traces the evaluation of all queries');
mycmdline.declareFlag('trace-stack', 'Traces the evaluation to print a backtrace in case of errors');
mycmdline.declareFlag('trace-context', 'Like trace-stack, but for the context');
mycmdline.declareFlag('trace-context-variables', 'Like trace-stack, but for the context variables');
//mycmdline.declareFlag('trace-context-variables', 'Like trace-stack, but for the context variables');
mycmdLine.beginDeclarationCategory('XPath/XQuery compatibility options:');
......@@ -3759,13 +3759,13 @@ begin
else raise EInvalidArgument.Create('Unknown output format: ' + mycmdLine.readString('output-format'));
if mycmdline.readFlag('trace') or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-stack') or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context') or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context-variables') then begin
if mycmdline.readFlag('trace') or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-stack') or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context') {or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context-variables') }then begin
tracer := TXQTracer.Create;
tracer.all := mycmdline.readFlag('trace');
tracer.backtrace := mycmdline.readFlag('trace-stack');
tracer.context := mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context') or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context-variables');
tracer.contextVariables := mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context-variables');
if tracer.contextVariables then tracer.varLog := TXQVariableChangeLog.create();
tracer.context := mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context');// or mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context-variables');
//tracer.contextVariables := mycmdline.readFlag('trace-context-variables');
//if tracer.contextVariables then tracer.varLog := TXQVariableChangeLog.create();
XQOnGlobalDebugTracing := @tracer.globalTracing;
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