Commit 2107e162 authored by Benito van der Zander's avatar Benito van der Zander

add -p and -q

parent 9ea64fb4
......@@ -3478,7 +3478,9 @@ begin
mycmdLine.declareString('extract-kind', 'How the extract expression is evaluated. Can be auto (automatically choose between xpath/template), xpath{|2|3}, xquery{|1|3}, css, template or multipage', 'auto');
mycmdLine.declareString('css', 'Abbreviation for --extract-kind=css --extract=...');
mycmdLine.declareString('xpath', 'Abbreviation for --extract-kind=xpath3 --extract=...');
mycmdLine.declareString('xquery', 'Abbreviation for --extract-kind=xquery3 --extract=...');
mycmdLine.declareString('xpath2', 'Abbreviation for --extract-kind=xpath2 --extract=...');
mycmdLine.declareString('xquery1', 'Abbreviation for --extract-kind=xquery1 --extract=...');
mycmdLine.declareString('xpath3', 'Abbreviation for --extract-kind=xpath3 --extract=...');
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