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Like any other site, there's still some manual configuration to do to add the final touches to your site. Here are the most important configurations you should consider for you blog:
### Site & Page Title
On most pages, VuePress uses the following pattern:
<title>{{ $page.title }} | {{ $siteTitle }}</title>
#### Site Title
This attribute configures the site `<title>` element on your site. It is what determines `$siteTitle` in the VuePress app.
1. Open `./src/.vuepress/config.js` in your favorite text editor
module.exports = {
title: 'My New VuePress Blog',
2. Update the `title` key with your desired site title as a string
#### Page Title
By default, VuePress will assume that the h1 in your markdown file is the page title that you want:
# My Heading One That Turns into a Title
If you would like to explicitly set a specific page title, use frontmatter to overwrite the default.
title: My Custom Title to Override the H1
# My Heading One That Turns into a Title
You'll want to checkout `./src/.vuepress/config.js` if you want to update the following information:
- Site Title
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## Architecture
### How <BlogPostList /> generates the posts
### How BlogPostList generates the posts
All blog posts are currently expected to live in the `./src/blog` directory in order for the `<BlogPostList />` component to render the preview of your post.
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