Verified Commit b119baff authored by Nicolas's avatar Nicolas

Remove IO.inspect debugging

parent 10c5cf82
......@@ -95,7 +95,6 @@ defmodule PlasmaHS.RoomServer do
@impl true
def handle_cast(%CreateRoomRequest{} = request, state) do
with {:ok, new_state} <- create_m_room_create_event(request, state) do
# IO.inspect new_state
{:noreply, new_state}
_ -> {:noreply, state}
......@@ -115,6 +114,7 @@ defmodule PlasmaHS.RoomServer do
with {:ok, authed_event_attrs} <- PlasmaHS.RoomServer.Auth.auth_event(request.room_version, state, event_attrs),
{:ok, create_event_type} <- PlasmaRepo.Events.get_or_create_event_type(PlasmaHS.EventTypes.m_room_create),
{:ok, %{event: create_event}} = PlasmaRepo.Events.create_event(Map.merge(authed_event_attrs, %{event_type_id:})) do
IO.inspect create_event
case create_event do
%{rejected: true} -> {:rejected, state}
%{rejected: false} -> {:ok, %{state | :state_events => Map.put(state.state_events, PlasmaHS.EventTypes.m_room_create, create_event)}}
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