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changelog: update for v0.4.0

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# v0.4.0
* **Thread Mode:** Added ability to use standupbot in threaded mode. To enable,
type `!su threads true` in your bot DM room.
* The bot now marks all events (including edits) as read after processing them.
* Fixed some bugs and idiosyncrasies with authentication to Matrix.
* Eliminated the `user_config_room` table making the bot less stateful, instead
relying on the state events stored in the DM rooms.
# v0.3.0
* Fixed a bug with device ID that broke encryption for many users. It is
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ var configuration Configuration
var olmMachine *mcrypto.OlmMachine
var stateStore *store.StateStore
var VERSION = "0.2.7"
var VERSION = "0.4.0"
func main() {
// Arg parsing
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