• D highlighter: highlight @() just like @Identifier ans skipping the enclosed content. Nested @() are still not handled.

Bugs fixed

  • GDB commander: automatic break on exception did not work if the cprogram was compiled with LDC2. (#41)
  • GDB commander: expressions obtained by mouse motion were not correct when the source used tabulations to indent. (#42)
  • Messages: force auto scrolling to bottom once and if the messages context is modified.
  • Runnables: ldc2 was not translated to ldmd when the "global compiler" was set to compile the runnables. (#43)
  • Terminal: after launching dexed, the current directory was not constrained even when the settings to follow the current project or document path were activated. (#5)
  • Terminal: problem with the min position of the scrollbar. Visible for example when a program output more lines then the scrollbackLines setting.
  • Windows: fixed broken compilation that was caused by libdexed-d.