See v3.9.1 for pre-built binaries


  • D highlighter: added suport for HEREDOC string literald of type q"()" q"[]", q"<>" and q"{}". Support for HEREDOC based on a custom delimiter wont be added as they might be removed as per DIP 1026.
  • Docking: added a dialog to remind that docking is locked in certain scenarios. (#30)
  • Editor: the option to detect the indentation is activated by default, to prevent mixed indentation style.
  • Editor: a fourth button in the diff dialog allows to reload but without preserving the undo history, which is better when using go to next changed area and go to prev changed area to navigate in the editor.
  • Search Replace: the result of FindAll when the string to search is not a trivial regular expression are also highlighted. (#14)
  • TODO list: a new option, disableIfMoreFilesThan, allows to disable auto refreshing of the list could be slow when the current project is huge.

Bugs fixed

  • DUB projects: dependencies specified with path and with their sources located in "src" or "source" were not passed correctly to DCD. (#29)
  • DUB projects: dependencies specified with path are recognized when their sources are in a sub folder taking as name the package name. (#29)
  • DUB runnables: document specific messages were not cleared between two calls to "Run DUB single file package". (#27)
  • Editor: case where brace auto close is triggered while in comment. (#31)
  • Editor: prevent unexpected validation of properties in certain cases, such as giving a.mangleof! after !.


  • Toolchain: removed the background tool dastworx and replaced it with a statically linked shared library called libdexed-d.
  • Toolchain: ddemangle is not required anymore, demangling of D names now happens in libdexed-d.