Commit 4d21b5be authored by Bob Mottram's avatar Bob Mottram

Directory name change

parent 3abe4854
......@@ -147,8 +147,8 @@ function create_web_page {
echo $'There are no build results yet' > "${web_dir}/build_${test_dir}.txt"
if [ -f "/etc/${APP_NAME}/${test_dir}_build.log" ]; then
cp "/etc/${APP_NAME}/${test_dir}_build.log" "${web_dir}/build_${test_dir}.txt"
if [ -f "/etc/${APP_NAME}/${test_dir}-build/build.txt" ]; then
cp "/etc/${APP_NAME}/${test_dir}-build/build.txt" "${web_dir}/build_${test_dir}.txt"
# Add an entry to the html table
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