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Resolve "Aggregation formulas ignore filter inside"

What is in this MR

  • A fix for the issue

How to test this MR

  • Create a table with a autonumber field (nr) and a boolean field (check)
  • Create rows. In some of them, set the check to true
  • Create a second table with a link row field (link) to the first table
  • Add a formula field with this formula: max(filter(lookup('link', 'nr'), lookup('link', 'check')))
  • Link some rows of table 1 in table 2
  • Notice that the filter clause is ignored on develop while is working on this branch

Note: the formula should show the highest value for the nr field only if the check field is true. On develop the filter clause is ignored showing the highest linked value, regardless if the check field is true or false.

Merge Request Checklist

  • A changelog entry has been created if required.
  • New/updated Premium/Enterprise features are separated correctly in the premium or enterprise folder
  • The latest Chrome and Firefox have been used to test any new frontend features
  • Documentation has been updated
  • Quality Standards are met
  • Performance: tables are still fast with 100k+ rows, 100+ field tables
  • The redoc API pages have been updated for any REST API changes
  • Our custom API docs are updated for changes to endpoints accessed via api tokens
  • The UI/UX has been updated following UI Style Guide

Closes #2666 (closed)

Edited by Davide Silvestri

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