This is our final release before introducing RPM functionality into YBD. Since last time there has been lots of work on gitlab ci, and various bug fixes. We tried to upgrade to Python 3, but decided to revert. Main functionality additions since 16.42:

- git LFS support
- binary input support
- generate single resolved definition file for target, at ./$target.yml
f732de0 Install findutils in fedora
a92a883 .gitlab-ci.yml: Test build in current Fedora release (25)
441127f .gitlab-ci.yml: Test build in current Ubuntu version (17.04)
25e29e1 Fix parallel builds failing because of a missing lockfile
516671b Bump artifact-version
035c988 Resolve 'sha' if it exists over 'ref' in get_tree()
cfe21cd Use morph_dump() when outputting the exported <target>.yml
a85dde7 Added MorphDumper for clean and consistent YAML output.
8454b2e Fix concourse instructions
b6a8ad3 Add '+' to the list of accepted characters in kbas artifacts
394e525 .gitlab-ci.yml: Centos is failing as well; disable for now
cd85821 .gitlab-ci.yml: Be sure we run without kbas in the distros we support
e9dbbe0 .gitlab-ci.yml: Remove non supported distros
fb9174c Add Git LFS snippet to README
c0c44da Bump artifact-version, for LFS support
c59d65c Add support for Git LFS repositories
15c954b Remove unused riemann functionality - depends were breaking pipelines
8531759 Store the original 'ref' and restore it before saving
84acd9a If definition contains sha:,  it always overrides ref:
7cc1caf Warning when source file listed in artifact does not exist
87db979 Ensure realpath exists for staged broken symlinks.
374386d Added -m/--mode command line argument.
3e63848 Print a warning if stratum does not have contents
3a52e49 Dont stomp on non-empty directories with symlinks
3533b70 Encode the expanded repo url in the saved target yaml
759790c requirements.freeze.txt: Require protobuf==3.0.0
b3f8aa5 Build from single .yml file if that's what is provided
60e37e1 Prune definitions to what we need for build/deploy
391720b Add track-branches: conf option, to use unpetrify-ref
365c9f6 If git user is not configured, we need to set it
d2a64c7 s/release-command/release-cmd/ and don't crash out if it's absent
5b10eaa Fix #249 Update to artifact-version: 7, max-jobs is now in cache-key
fadc422 fix typo
e8d0428 Add shebang
e60b1f9 .gitlab-ci.yml: Use debian:jessie instead python:2.7-slim by default
fc23414 Upgrade installed packages if needed
2e9f1ac Remove system-installed python pip package
2d93e8d Fix #250 - don't leak kbas user:pass in logs
cc26053 Don't attempt to re-use tmpdir
13a4ecf .gitlab-ci.yml: Check ybd works in several distros
fc6dfc8 Update pip if possible
4c6cf3e Revert " Install python-pip from the distro packages"
ff4cdf4 python headers are needed to compile some python packages
8499230 Fedora needs redhat-rpm-config
ba8f366 Do not use which
ae57592 Add git to
d334ada .gitlab-ci.yml: Add a deployment step
1ea1457 .gitlab-ci.yml: Build the chroot variant of the minimal system
3ec1dce Use pycodestyle (formerly called pep8) to check python code style
e790571 Do not use 'l' as a variable
bfb264c Install python-pip from the distro packages
f3db0ea Replace copy_all_files with copy_fs
5f15195 Use the precise dependencies to stop breakage in master.
f8bc9d6 Fix collection of prefixes to recurse
b6a103a Strip leading slash from MultiFS search for _find_extensions
ca86041 Update Remove github bagde
cbe56fd Upgrade pyfilesystem to 2.0.0
630743e Change docker to python:2.7-slim
74ace1b .gitlab-ci.yml: clone definitions in the 'before_script:' step
6de6526 Revert "Update code to python3"
77eeeea Revert "Update ci to py3 with onbuild docker"
f5b6a1a Revert "pep8"
93915a4 Revert ",, Do not import app"
68c50a8 Revert "Move log functions to"
a3e53b4 Revert "WIP: Put the config in a different file?"
54aff1d Revert "Move chdir, timer to utils; fix circular deps"
a53b5fd Revert "Stop submodule error hiding, parse as unicode"
efe195b Revert "Try with 3.4-onbuild"
9085488 Revert "Stop hiding exceptions"
e26f5a3 Revert "Change shebang to '#!/usr/bin/python3'"
2473ef2 Revert " Use 'python3'"
9a7552b Use 'python3'
e04bef9 Change shebang to '#!/usr/bin/python3'
12d0c0a Stop hiding exceptions
8d175be Try with 3.4-onbuild
ce58dc2 Stop submodule error hiding, parse as unicode
c3d414d Move chdir, timer to utils; fix circular deps
ad53dd5 WIP: Put the config in a different file?
9588a23 Move log functions to
db24440,, Do not import app
68de187 pep8
10662f7 Update ci to py3 with onbuild docker
62915d1 Update code to python3
e554dca Include all artifacts if not explicitly given
8a932dc peg requirements at exact versions
21c523a Add check for cache_keys_v6 to gitlab-ci
24058fa Check each pip install
a540298 Revert "Trap error on any of the pip install commands"
16f3bbb Trap error on any of the pip install commands
27daacc Remove - see
750c081 .gitlab-ci.yml: Add a job to always build the build-essential stratum, not using the cache in kbas
03e7078 Revert "Patch for bubblewrap backend"
08b699b Patch for bubblewrap backend
4e3a725 Revert "Note for move of ybd upstream"
c2df486  Explain TMPDIR
c7c0d24 Use a more portable expression