scriptslib: Update 'import_meta_ybd' for current YBD

Now the strip-gplv3 configure extension works again
when using YBD metadata.
parent d594c56e
......@@ -88,14 +88,17 @@ class BaserockMeta(object):
null = '0' * 32
if 'repo' not in source:
if 'configuration' in source:
# This is the deployment metadata, ignore
elif 'repo' not in source:
kind = 'stratum'
contents = 'components'
source['repo'] = 'upstream:definitions'
source['ref'] = null # No ref info
kind = 'chunk'
contents = 'files'
contents = 'components'
repo = parse_repo_alias(source['repo'])
source_name = '-'.join(
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