Commit 7293a20d authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

Update GCC to 7.1

GCC 5.3 fails to build against GLIBC 2.25 due to use of putc() which
triggeres a compile warning. As we seem to build with -Werror this
causes the build to break.
parent 13dadada
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......@@ -357,8 +357,8 @@ chunks:
- name: gcc
morph: strata/build-essential/gcc.morph
repo: upstream:gcc-tarball
ref: 7ccad68acf3805b35721e861fb9bc5a9e40effc8
unpetrify-ref: baserock/gcc-5.3.0
ref: 3b0dbcfa2e5d12bd80cab1b35f08653d61fe7838
unpetrify-ref: baserock/gcc-7.1.0
- stage2-binutils
- stage2-busybox
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