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    Add register command · 1f469ba4
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    For the sake of completeness and clarity, I've added the command
    for registering the Docker runner.
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    Update Docker register example · dcb5508b
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    Switched path to give an actual example. Additionally added a note 
    that the Docker register command will destroy the container.
......@@ -84,7 +84,13 @@ Docker container.
1. [Register the Runner](../register/index.md#docker)
1. Register the Runner
docker exec -it gitlab-runner gitlab-runner register
NOTE: **Note:** For more information, see [Registering Runners](../register/index.md#docker).
Make sure that you read the [FAQ](../faq/README.md) section which describes
some of the most common problems with GitLab Runner.
......@@ -236,12 +236,15 @@ To register a Runner under FreeBSD:
To register a Runner using a Docker container:
1. Run the following command which will mount the Runner's config directory
under `/path/to/config`:
under `/srv/gitlab-runner/config`:
docker run --rm -t -i -v /path/to/config:/etc/gitlab-runner --name gitlab-runner gitlab/gitlab-runner register
docker run --rm -t -i -v /srv/gitlab-runner/config:/etc/gitlab-runner --name gitlab-runner gitlab/gitlab-runner register
NOTE: **Note:**
This will only register and then exit/destroy the container.
1. Enter your GitLab instance URL: