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The ApeSDK is a series of simulations that work together. It is primarily written in C and can be built with Mac, Window, Linux and iOS GUIs.
### History
Projects discussed with Bob Mottram:
Add 1000 words spoken phonemes to the simulation.
Programmable notion of beauty.
Regional terms referencing places.
JSON server originally written in C then perhaps node.js with a Simulated Ape Client.
Notions of grooming in the city - what do some of the Simulated Ape primate skills become.
The newspapers from the Mushroom Boy creating political narrative.
Ghosts as a representation of dark age religion.
Abstracting the components:
Simulated Being -> Simulated Ape,
Simulated Being -> Simulated Schmuck,
Simulated Being -> Fierce Feline,
Simulated Being -> Simulated Ghost
Meaning in language being imprecise. Just as much about happy agreement of someone talking than meaning.
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