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Please refer to the [readme]( for a more general help.
Please follow these steps to install Proteomatic as a graphical user interface for Crosslinx.
* Download and install Python (version 3.x) from
Make sure to tick the checkmark for "Add Python to environment variables".
* Download and install Proteomatic from
For Windows, please choose the portable ZIP package and extract to a folder where no spaces and/or umlauts are in the path.
* Change the update URI to:
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# Use
Standalone versions of Crosslinx can be used on Windows and Linux via the command line interface. There is no need to install additional progams.
For other operating systems, such as Mac OSX, Crosslinx is available as a Python script. Please make sure that the [Python programming language]( 3.x) is installed.
If a graphical user interface is prefered, [Proteomatic]( can be used. Please follow the instructions for [proteomatic-scripts-crosslinx](
## Download Crosslinx
Download Crosslinx from the links below and unzip the file to any directory.
version: 1.2.1
version: 0.7.1
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