Commit 6ef01db4 authored by Rahul Horé's avatar Rahul Horé

Add a basic Puma configuration file

Heroku recommends generating a config file rather than setting values inline in the Procfile:
parent 79e367de
web: bundle exec puma -t 5:5 -p ${PORT:-3000} -e ${RACK_ENV:-development}
web: bundle exec puma -C config/puma.rb
workers Integer(ENV['WEB_CONCURRENCY'] || 2)
threads_count = Integer(ENV['MAX_THREADS'] || 5)
threads threads_count, threads_count
rackup DefaultRackup
port ENV['PORT'] || 3000
environment ENV['RACK_ENV'] || 'development'
on_worker_boot do
# Worker specific setup for Rails 4.1+
# See:
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