Commit a8695a2c authored by Tinu Weber's avatar Tinu Weber

client_show: MoveRESIZE a window offscreen

Occasionally, there is mismatch between what we believe to with the
window's dimensions and what its real dimensions are.

This should force the window size back to what we believe.

parent 8eac5dde
......@@ -344,6 +344,7 @@ client_show(struct client *c, bool show)
} else {
x = -((int signed) (c->dim.width + 2 * c->border.width));
y = 0;
XMoveWindow(x11.dpy, c->win, x, y);
XMoveResizeWindow(x11.dpy, c->win, x, y,
c->dim.width, c->dim.height);
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