Built with pelican, using the uberspot theme.


git clone --recursive https://gitlab.com/axil/axil.gitlab.io.git


Install pelican and plugin dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt


pelican -s settings_prod.py

The generated HTML files will be in the public/ directory.


Just push any changes and GitLab CI will start building the project.


Install fabric:

pip install fabric

Hack with:

fab dev && fab serve

Open http://localhost:8000.

Note: gitpython needs python2. If it doesn't work, remove the plugin from settings_dev.py and rerun the above command.

Plugins used:

  • post_stats
  • tipue_search
  • neighbors
  • pelicanfly

Let's Encrypt

  1. Create certs with:

    pacman -S certbot
    certbot certonly --manual -d axilleas.me -d www.axilleas.me
  2. Open new pane, cd into {blog source}/content

  3. Use the printf command, twice...

  4. git add .well-known/

  5. git commit -m "Acme challenge"

  6. git push origin source

  7. Navigate to https://gitlab.com/axil/axil.gitlab.io/pipelines

  8. Check that the last one passed

  9. Go to waiting certbot pane, hit Enter

  10. Navigate to https://gitlab.com/axil/axil.gitlab.io/pages

  11. Remove axilleas.me and www.axilleas.me domains

  12. Add new domains axilleas.me and www.axilleas.me with cert contents:

    # Certificate (PEM)
    sudo cat /etc/letsencrypt/live/axilleas.me/fullchain.pem|xclip
    # Key (PEM)
    sudo cat /etc/letsencrypt/live/axilleas.me/privkey.pem|xclip


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