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    Maintainer changed from Jeffrey Goldberg <jeffrey@goldmark.org> to Axel... · 1f258d88
    Axel Sommerfeldt authored
    Maintainer changed from Jeffrey Goldberg <jeffrey@goldmark.org> to Axel Sommerfeldt <axel.sommerfeldt@f-m.fm>
    Petra Ruebe-Pugliese <petra@ctan.org> and Manfred Lotz <manfred@ctan.org> agreed on this step on Monday 2018-03-19 via private e-mail:
    "From the CTAN point of view the decisive fact is that you are listed as the only active maintainer, and Jeffrey Goldberg is listed as inactive.  There must have been reasons in the past for putting it this way, and the only reason that could make us re-consider that arrangement would be a complaint by the original author himself, which is as good as excluded given that he seems to have been looking for a successor in the past and does not answer any emails in the present. So just go ahead!"
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