[Autoware](https://www.autoware.org) is an "all-in-one" open-source software framework for self-driving vehicles. The capabilities of Autoware are primarily well-suited for urban cities, but highways, freeways, mountaineous regions, and geofenced areas can be also covered. Autoware can be used on physical hardware, but we also provide connections to world-class simulators for safe testing, educational use, and experimentation. If you plan to use Autoware with real vehicles, **please assess risks, formulate a safety plan, and use separate individuals in the role of safety driver and system monitor at all times**. - [Getting started](#getting-started) - [Getting help](#getting-help) - [Contributing](#contributing-to-autoware) - [License](#license) Autoware provides a rich set of components for building a self-driving vehicle. These components cover the complete processing pipeline from perception to control. Autoware also provides integrations with other open-source self-driving software, such as visualisation toolkits and simulators. See [the wiki Overview page](https://gitlab.com/autowarefoundation/autoware.ai/autoware/wikis/Overview) for a detailed overview of its capabilities. Autoware is managed by the [Autoware Foundation](https://www.autoware.org), a non-profit entity founded to manage and direct the Autoware project. The Autoware Foundation is made up of member organisations from the self-driving industry. ## Getting started Begin by choosing your installation method: [from source](https://gitlab.com/autowarefoundation/autoware.ai/autoware/wikis/Source-Build) or [using Docker](https://gitlab.com/autowarefoundation/autoware.ai/autoware/wikis/Docker). After installing Autoware, you can [download some sample data and run through a demonstration](https://gitlab.com/autowarefoundation/autoware.ai/autoware/wikis/ROSBAG-Demo) of Autoware at work. ## Getting help Detailed instructions on how to get help are provided in the [support guidelines](https://gitlab.com/autowarefoundation/autoware.ai/autoware/wikis/Support-guidelines). In general, if you need help you should [ask a question](https://answers.ros.org/questions/ask/?tags=autoware) at [ROS Answers](https://answers.ros.org/questions/scope:all/sort:activity-desc/tags:autoware/page:1/). ## Contributing to Autoware We welcome all contributions to Autoware, from bug reports and feature requests to implementations of new features. For details on how to contribute, see the [contributing guide](https://gitlab.com/autowarefoundation/autoware.ai/autoware/wikis/Contributing-to-Autoware). If you are interested in participating in general discussion about Autoware, then visit [the Autoware category at the ROS Discourse](https://discourse.ros.org/c/autoware). ## License Autoware is provided under the [Apache 2 License](https://gitlab.com/autowarefoundation/autoware.ai/project-template/blob/master/LICENSE).