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  • 0.2

    0.2 is bringing a Manifesto to minimal

    Minimal now has a manifesto MANIFESTO.md. This manifesto is like a guideline. Code to rules from the manifesto can be specified to explain the changes. This explanation will appear when you click on a change in CHANGES.md. You can also see where the change was implemented on CHANGES.md. New commit will have to follow the manifesto or to suggest its modification.

  • 0.1.4

    Improvements: In this update, support for mobile was added.


    • Mobile support
    • Neutral color for the subscribe button and remove sub-count from it.
    • Replace the subscription list in the side menu by a link to the subscription manager
    • Use white for the background color of the navbar of the mobile website.
    • Lowercase video titles.


    • Mobile support
    • Hide the textarea to create a post until you click on "create a post".
    • Link the messaging icon in the navbar to the message page.
    • Remove the install messenger mobile page.
    • Remove messenger button on mobile browsers. This button lead to a dead end to force the user to install the messenger app.


    • Mobile support


    • The Tweet button is now a neutral link

    Bugs fixed: Facebook messenger functionalities were not usable and subscribe button on youtube was not visible using white theme. This is now fixed.

  • 0.1.2

    Improvements: In this update, amazon and facebook minimalizations were significantly improved.


    • Change the navbar color to match the background color.
    • Remove unnecessary links in left column. Same links can be found in menus.
    • Make legal links as visible as other elements in the right column.
    • Remove the black veil that forces you to focus on posting something.
    • Hide the textarea to create a post until you click on “create a post”.


    • Use clean and neutral colors for the navbar, logos, buttons and titles.
    • Remove the buy now button.
    • Remove “Pay in x installments free of charge” prompt.
    • Remove availability information in the description of the product.
    • Remove sharing buttons in product page.
    • Remove recently consulted products on a product page. Can be accessed in your profile if needed.
    • Remove promotional pictures from navigation menus…

    Bugs fixed: The amazon website was not usable because of an "hover to show" navbar that was implemented in last versions. This was replaced by a white neutral navbar and now it's working.

  • 0.1.1

    Fixed a bug on youtube (a margin-top was not necessary anymore and prevented users to watch videos fullscreen)

  • 0.1   version 0.1

    First working thing.