Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 0.4.1   Added ways to automate SVG and version updates.
    Release 0.4.1

    This version is the biggest update we have made so far. Thanks to your feedback and the help of new contributors we made major improvements:

    • An icon is now showing up in your address bar to inform you on which website minimal is active (This icon can be hidden if needed)
    • The add-on is now being localized, starting with English and French.
    • Perceived performance is now at an all-time best thanks to the styles being loaded without waiting for the page itself to be entirely loaded.
    • Most major bug reported to us have been fixed, including messenger icon not linking correctly and youtube livechat not showing up.
    • New changes have been added, as always, a complete list is available here: https://gitlab.com/aupya/minimal/blob/0.4.1/CHANGES.md
    • Various development improvements.

    Hope this update please you. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to get in touch.

  • 0.4   Version 0.4 is the biggest improvement yet, bringing correct CHANGES.md, bug fixes and new features, including a badge to show which website is supported by minimal and localization (en and fr for the moment).
  • 0.3   Developer mode added to easily work on minimal and be able to distinguish development versions and main versions. Added support to 2 new domains and fixed major issues reported by the community.
    Release 0.3

    Added support to 2 new domains and fixed major issues reported by the community.

  • 0.2
    Release 0.2

    0.2 is bringing a Manifesto to minimal

    Minimal now has a manifesto MANIFESTO.md. This manifesto is like a guideline. Code to rules from the manifesto can be specified to explain the changes. This explanation will appear when you click on a change in CHANGES.md. You can also see where the change was implemented on CHANGES.md. New commit will have to follow the manifesto or to suggest its modification.

  • 0.1.4

    Improvements: In this update, support for mobile was added.


    • Mobile support
    • Neutral color for the subscribe button and remove sub-count from it.
    • Replace the subscription list in the side menu by a link to the subscription manager
    • Use white for the background color of the navbar of the mobile website.
    • Lowercase video titles.


    • Mobile support
    • Hide the textarea to create a post until you click on "create a post".
    • Link the messaging icon in the navbar to the message page.
    • Remove the install messenger mobile page.
    • Remove messenger button on mobile browsers. This button lead to a dead end to force the user to install the messenger app.


    • Mobile support


    • The Tweet button is now a neutral link

    Bugs fixed: Facebook messenger functionalities were not usable and subscribe button on youtube was not visible using white theme. This is now fixed.

  • 0.1.2
    Release 0.1.2

    Improvements: In this update, amazon and facebook minimalizations were significantly improved.


    • Change the navbar color to match the background color.
    • Remove unnecessary links in left column. Same links can be found in menus.
    • Make legal links as visible as other elements in the right column.
    • Remove the black veil that forces you to focus on posting something.
    • Hide the textarea to create a post until you click on “create a post”.


    • Use clean and neutral colors for the navbar, logos, buttons and titles.
    • Remove the buy now button.
    • Remove “Pay in x installments free of charge” prompt.
    • Remove availability information in the description of the product.
    • Remove sharing buttons in product page.
    • Remove recently consulted products on a product page. Can be accessed in your profile if needed.
    • Remove promotional pictures from navigation menus…

    Bugs fixed: The amazon website was not usable because of an "hover to show" navbar that was implemented in last versions. This was replaced by a white neutral navbar and now it's working.

  • 0.1.1
    Release 0.1.1

    Fixed a bug on youtube (a margin-top was not necessary anymore and prevented users to watch videos fullscreen)

  • 0.1   version 0.1
    Release 0.1

    First working thing.