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    Initial code commit. · bf28df51
    atom0s authored
    Project rewrite of the original Steamless.NET project.
    Project renamed from Steamless.NET to just Steamless.
    Project moved from Steamless.NET repo to the main Steamless repo under new dotnet branch.
    Temporary removal of v2 and v3 unpackers.
    Support for SteamStub Variant 3 v3.0.1 used in Grim Dawn b30+ in this initial commit. (Tested and working against Grim Dawn.)
    Adjustments to the core code; additional section handling things have been added.
    New RebuildSections function added to rebuild and realign the sections and reset the size of image.
    Fixed a crash when the unpacked file was within the same folder as the Steamless executable.
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