Commit 4cc289a9 authored by atom0s's avatar atom0s

SteamStubVariant3: Adjusted the padding mode of the AES decryption.

parent 8cca2377
......@@ -279,7 +279,7 @@ namespace Steamless.NET.Unpackers
Array.Copy(this.File.FileData, this.File.GetFileOffsetFromRva(mainSection.VirtualAddress), textSectionData, this.StubHeader.TextSectionStolenData.Length, mainSection.SizeOfRawData);
// Create the AES decryption class..
var aes = new AesHelper(this.StubHeader.AES_Key, this.StubHeader.AES_IV);
var aes = new AesHelper(this.StubHeader.AES_Key, this.StubHeader.AES_IV, CipherMode.ECB, PaddingMode.PKCS7);
var data = aes.Decrypt(textSectionData, CipherMode.CBC, PaddingMode.None);
if (data == null)
......@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@ namespace Steamless.NET.Unpackers
fStream.WriteBytes(this.CodeSectionData ?? sectionData);
// Reset the file offset..
fStream.Position = sectionOffset;
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