Commit 72c30660 authored by Nathan McCarty's avatar Nathan McCarty

feat(core): Add chunk splitting API

Add methods to Chunk to split it into a header and a body, and to turn a header + body back into a

Refrences #54
parent cb8a0c5e
......@@ -136,6 +136,21 @@ impl UnpackedChunk {
/// A split representation of a `Chunk`'s 'header' or metadata.
/// Used for on disk storage
#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Clone, Debug)]
pub struct ChunkHeader {
compression: Compression,
encryption: Encryption,
hmac: HMAC,
mac: Vec<u8>,
id: ChunkID,
/// A split representation of a `Chunk`'s body, or contained data
#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Clone, Debug)]
pub struct ChunkBody(Vec<u8>);
/// A binary blob, ready to be commited to storage
/// A `Chunk` is an arbitrary sequence of bytes, along with its associated `ChunkID`
......@@ -291,6 +306,32 @@ impl Chunk {
/// Splits a `Chunk` into its header and body components
pub fn split(self) -> (ChunkHeader, ChunkBody) {
let header = ChunkHeader {
compression: self.compression,
encryption: self.encryption,
hmac: self.hmac,
mac: self.mac,
let body = ChunkBody(;
(header, body)
/// Combines a header and a body into a `Chunk`
pub fn unsplit(header: ChunkHeader, body: ChunkBody) -> Chunk {
Chunk {
data: body.0,
compression: header.compression,
encryption: header.encryption,
hmac: header.hmac,
mac: header.mac,
#[cfg_attr(tarpaulin, skip)]
/// Testing only function used to corrupt the data
......@@ -388,4 +429,23 @@ mod tests {
fn split_unsplit() {
let data_string = "I am but a humble test string";
let data_bytes = data_string.as_bytes().to_vec();
let compression = Compression::LZ4 { level: 1 };
let encryption = Encryption::new_aes256ctr();
let hmac = HMAC::SHA256;
let key = Key::random(32);
let packed = Chunk::pack(data_bytes, compression, encryption, hmac, &key);
let (header, body) = packed.split();
let packed = Chunk::unsplit(header, body);
let result = packed.unpack(&key);
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