Commit 41668c2b authored by Fabrice Gangler's avatar Fabrice Gangler
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remove rules RGAA v2 : fix PROCEDURE_contract_create.sql for install script

parent fee30d33
......@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ CREATE DEFINER=`$myDatabaseUser`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `contract_create`(
-- CONSTANTS hard-coded values from table TGSI_REFERENTIAL
DECLARE referential_id_RGAA3 int DEFAULT 3;
DECLARE referential_id_SEO int DEFAULT 4;
DECLARE referential_id_RGAA3 int DEFAULT 2;
DECLARE referential_id_SEO int DEFAULT 3;
-- CONSTANTS hard-coded values from table TGSI_FUNCTIONALITY
DECLARE audit_type_id_page int DEFAULT 1;
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