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\ No newline at end of file
[submodule "gradaudit"]
path = gradaudit
url =
Subproject commit 1bccd6c5a1f2e93312ff2ecd73d8113167e3df06
from flask import Flask, render_template
import os
from flask import Flask, render_template, request
app = Flask(__name__)
def hello_world():
return render_template('GASGUI.html')
def input_form():
return render_template('GASGUI.html')
@app.route('/submit', methods=['POST'])
def submit():
name = request.form['name']
degree = request.form['degreeType']
major = request.form['MajorList']
year = request.form['YearList']
spec = request.form['SpecializationOfDegree'].lower()
classes = request.form['classesTaken'].replace(' ','')
transcript = '{0}\n'\
degree, major, year, spec,
with open('temp.csv', 'w') as fil:
response = os.popen('./').read()
return transcript+response
cp temp.csv gradaudit/transcripts/
cd gradaudit
python2 transcripts/temp.csv
sasp main.lp
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