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title: "Intro to Live Coding"
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##### Report on a live coding workshop I attended today #####
As I'm writing this I'm attending a [workshop on live coding](
We started with the instructor's [blog post with live coding functions]( on [hydra](
We also looked at an [awesome list for live coding]( I ran [hydra locally]( for my purpose.
We quickly went through how to run functions, and one by one these functions were introduced:
* solid
* osc
* rotate
* scrollX
* scrollY
* scale
At this point, this is what I came up with
frequency = 10
sync = 0.2
saturation = 1
pi = Math.PI
rotate = pi/4
rotation_speed = 0.2
scroll_x = 0.2
osc(frequency, sync, saturation)
.rotate(rotate, rotation_speed)
.scrollX(0, scroll_x)
.rotate(-rotate, -rotation_speed)
.scrollY(0, -scroll_x)
* noise
* pixelate
...and a lot of other functions
We started using different outputs, blending audio and video input,a nd so on.
We talked about [@hydra_patterns](, [estuary](
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