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......@@ -6,20 +6,17 @@ a clever JavaScript written by Peter Jipsen that dynamically
transforms mathematical formulae written in a wiki-like plain text
markup to[MathML] markup which is displayed as
standard mathematical notation by the Web Browser. See 'Appendix E'
in the AsciiDoc User Guide for more details.
in the AsciiDoc3 User Guide for more details.
The AsciiDoc `xhtml11` backend supports ASCIIMathML -- it links the
The AsciiDoc3 `xhtml11` backend supports ASCIIMathML -- it links the
ASCIIMathML script and escapes ASCIIMathML delimiters and special
characters to yield valid XHTML. To use ASCIIMathML:
1. Include the `-a asciimath` command-line option when you run
2. Enclose ASCIIMathML formulas inside math or double-dollar
passthroughs or in math passthrough blocks.
Here's the link:asciimathml.txt[AsciiDoc source] that generated this
- When you use the `asciimath:[]` inline macro you need to escape `]`
characters in the formulas with a backslash, escaping is unnecessary
Multi-Part Book Title Goes Here
Author's Name
v1.0, 2003-12
v3.0, 2018-05
:doctype: book
......@@ -10,13 +10,13 @@ Example Dedication
The optional dedication goes here.
This document is an AsciiDoc multi-part book skeleton containing
This document is an AsciiDoc3 multi-part book skeleton containing
briefly annotated element placeholders plus a couple of example index
entries and footnotes. Books are normally used to generate DocBook
markup and the preface, appendix, bibliography, glossary and index
section titles are significant ('specialsections').
NOTE: Multi-part books differ from all other AsciiDoc document formats
NOTE: Multi-part books differ from all other AsciiDoc3 document formats
in that top level sections (dedication, preface, book parts,
appendices, bibliography, glossary, index) must be level zero headings
(not level one).
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