Commit 7a844f85 authored by Evan Carlin's avatar Evan Carlin Committed by Toon Claes

Fix script to handle both gitlab-ce *and* gitlab-ee.

This script previously set the upstream to always be gitlab-ce. This is
misleading and can cause a hard to decipher bug when pulling from upstream.
parent 2a19fe09
set -e # exit on uncaught failure
cd ./gitlab
if git remote | grep -q '^upstream$'; then
git_remote_add_upstream() {
echo "Remote origin is ${1}, adding remote ${remote_name} to ${1}"
git remote add "${remote_name}" "${gitlab_base_url}/${gitlab_org}/${1}.git"
grep_git_remote() {
git remote -v | grep -q "${1}\.git.*$"
if git remote | grep -q "^${remote_name}$"; then
echo "Remote ${remote_name} already exists in $(pwd). Exiting."
exit 0
git remote add "${remote_name}" "${gitlab_upstream:-}"
# Try to determine if remote should be ee or ce
if grep_git_remote ${gitlab_ee}; then
git_remote_add_upstream ${gitlab_ee}
elif grep_git_remote ${gitlab_ce}; then
git_remote_add_upstream ${gitlab_ce}
echo "Remote origin is ambigious. Please set the upstream remote yourself. Exiting."
exit 1
git remote set-url --push "${remote_name}" none # make 'upstream' fetch-only
echo "Fetching master from ${remote_name}..."
git fetch "${remote_name}" master
# check if the 'master' branch already exists
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