Commit e77a5827 authored by Artur Jablonski's avatar Artur Jablonski

minor updates

parent be9b72b8
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ seemed a bit steeper than those other libs out there. However,
after finding some extra time to play with _Akka Streams_... I still
think its learning curve is steeper, BUT I started
appreciating the reason why. I hope this write up will make understanding
_Akka Streams_ easier for those who know _Reactor_ (or RxJava2) and for those
_Akka Streams_ easier for those who know _Reactor_ (or _RxJava2_) and for those
who don't that it will serve as an introductory/intermediate material for both
libraries with some comparison between them.
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