Commit 28ab7850 authored by Juha's avatar Juha

Merge branch 'clean-prod-confs' into 'master'

Clean prod confs

See merge request !16
parents 8fdb905f 79c6b3d5
Pipeline #24906411 passed with stage
......@@ -21,14 +21,9 @@
"seederStorage": "sequelize"
"production": {
"username": "postgres",
"password": null,
"database": "database_prod",
"host": "db-auth",
"dialect": "postgres",
"use_env_variable": "DATABASE_URL",
"timezone": "utc",
"logging": false,
"use_env_variable": "DATABASE_URL",
"operatorsAliases": false,
"seederStorage": "sequelize"
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