Verified Commit 6e7c37f2 authored by Artem Klevtsov's avatar Artem Klevtsov 😹

Update .Rbuildignore

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^.*\.Rproj$ ^.*\.Rproj$
^\.Rproj\.user$ ^\.Rproj\.user$
^.*\.Rproj ^.*\.Rcheck$
^\.gitlab$ ^\.gitlab$
^tmp$ ^tmp$
^src/.*\.o ^src/.*\.o
^src/.*\.so ^src/.*\.so
^src/.*\.dll ^src/.*\.dll
...@@ -19,5 +18,5 @@ ...@@ -19,5 +18,5 @@
^.codecov\.yml$ ^.codecov\.yml$
^\.lintr$ ^\.lintr$
^\.appveyor\.yml$ ^\.appveyor\.yml$
^cran-comments\.md$ ^cran-comments\.md$
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