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      Merge branch 'pypelinery' into 'initial' · 50ee97c0
      Rick van Rein authored
      See merge request !32
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      Configuration updates with new argv-cp · dd6cf129
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Pypeline variables are now (finally) available for configuration!
       - Introducing #VARS# into .in files
       - First map to buildvars with CMake, then continue with argv-cp
       - This is not new; it is just simpler now, as part of Pypeline
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      Pypeline: Incorporated argvcp-mapping · 6f2f7a2d
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Extra FILE:<key> type INFILE:<key>:<path>
       - Maps the <path> by looking for #VARS#
       - These #VARS# are the same VARS on the Pypeline commandline
       - Extra ## is the single '#' character
       - Simplified workflow, though not always for nested filerefs
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      Environment variables from Pypeline, not CMake · dee07b32
      Rick van Rein authored
       - There used to be multiple CMake nested commands
       - They mostly tended to "cmake -E env" setups
       - This would make debugging / killing more difficult
       - There is now only one CMake, then Pypeline
       - Pypeline needs ENV:XX=yy after its command, of course
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      Pypeline *experimental* support for PIDFILE: · dc52aba8
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Allows a daemon to write to a .pid file
       - Same key space for FILE: and PIDFILE:
       - Combines with SIG:
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      Pypeline support for PYPE:EXIT:CODE · 7a0c247d
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Prefixed to a command, this adds an acceptable exit code
       - Multiple values may be supplied for any command
       - When absent, exit code 0 is used as acceptable exit code
       - INCOMPATIBLE with old habit of just numbering the code(s)
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      Pypeline extension ENV:xxx or ENV:xxx=yyy · 7d18cedd
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Get and set environment variables
       - Getting implies existence requirement
       - Text inserted when used as argument
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      Pypeline escape to allow "--" (and more) · a144cc63
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Pypeline interprets arguments
       - This may cause clashes
       - Therefore we introduce an escape prefix `PYPE:ESC:`
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      Pypeline: Support for explicitly naming commands being run · 9885987b
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Prefix a command with PYPE:NAME:xxx
       - These names appear in many places in Pypeline output
       - Suggestive names can be a great help in understanding it
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      Pypeline: Better localhost support · 403c8d99
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Use  IP:XXX  for or  ::1
       - Use [IP]:XXX for or [::1]
       - Better inclusion of IPv6 address family in test ports
       - Removed assumptions caused by gethostname() on /etc/hosts
      Originally appeared as 9819c4b3d8d53ad25445448a88cf5ef1c4184eb3 in apachemod
      Documentation added
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      Pypeline extension to combine arguments · ed50e0ed
      Rick van Rein authored
       - PYPE:POPCAT: as a number-of-previous-arguments-to-pop-concatenate-and-push
       - "x" "y" "z" "PYPE:POPCAT:3" produces a single word "xyz"
       - It is possible to construct a command in this way
       - Proper use would be [IP]:DIAMETER ":" SCTP:DIAMETER PYPE:POPCAT:3
      Originally appeard as fb2ef0595c4648a601c93cf46b1a5a36b801e414 in apachemod
      Renamed from PYPE:POP to PYPE:POPCAT
      Added documentation
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      Replaced run_seq.py, run_par.py and various wrap_xxx.py add-ons · 402ecc73
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Program prefix FORK:xxx overrides mark "--" to "xxx" (was wrap_xxx.py)
       - Special form FORK:^ means "fork at start of program" (was run_par.py)
       - Special form FORK:$ means "fork at end   of program" (was run_seq.py)
       - Special form FORK:xxx as a program arg inserts "xxx" (usable as an escape)
      Originally commit 4564ad782b3f9e0be97708a8774cd9a06c49a266 in apachemod
      Added documentation
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      Pypeline: SIG:xxx can prefix a daemon · 422d4191
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Use this for background programs that don't stop when done
       - This adds such programs to the cleaned-up set
       - The signal should be one that makes the program stop
      Originally appeared as 06fe9ce4416fd623b74e0ec3084e4895c43df910 in apachemod
      Fixed with a bug in the selection for exit codes
      Added documentation
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      Deprecation of libquickdermem.so/a in KIP · 467c3c84
      Rick van Rein authored
       - Moved the code out
       - Plain memory pool is now in Quick-MEM
       - Packing and Communication over DER is now in Quick-DER as Quick-DERMEM
       - Need to see if it is okay to export Quick-DERMEM from Quick-DER
       - If this does not work, set the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to .../share/Quick-DER/cmake/