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Move dependency on macbuild

so deploy_gitlab does not run it again.
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......@@ -633,7 +633,7 @@ reformat.tag: result.reformat
# for testing, we want minimal builds before any deployment
# in production, the CI solution is responsible for having built
# everything not explicitly required here
deploy_base.tag: CI_pack.tag debtest.tag reformat.tag ../deploy/ macbuild
deploy_base.tag: CI_pack.tag debtest.tag reformat.tag ../deploy/
echo > $@
deploy_base: deploy_base.tag
......@@ -647,7 +647,7 @@ deploy_ours: result.deploy_zi result.deploy_download deploy_external
context.deploy_base_%: rootcontext.64 deploy_base.tag ${srcdir}/../deploy/ ${srcdir}/../deploy/ ../deploy/* CI_INFO
${srcdir}/ $@.dir $<.dir/'*' upload ../deploy/'*' ${srcdir}/../deploy/deploy_$*.sh ${srcdir}/../deploy/ CI_INFO
echo > $@
context.deploy_%: context.deploy_base_%
context.deploy_%: context.deploy_base_% macbuild
${srcdir}/ $@.dir $<.dir/'*'
echo > $@
result.deploy_%: context.deploy_%
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