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Use pre-supplied images from steam SDK repository

Activate only for future updates. The version we used for the current
build images isn't available the easy way.
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# builds a basic arma build environment based on alpine, 64 bit
# builds a basic arma build environment based on steam scout, 64 bit
wd="`dirname $0`"
. ${wd}/
${wd}/../scripts/ steamrt_scout_amd64
${wd}/ steamrt_scout_amd64 armasteam_64 --target armabuild_zthreadconfig
if test ${EPOCH} != 029_1; then
# for future updates: no more need for building with
# SDK source: see
# see also
# fixed tag from
# or always-latest tag? Fixed tag is probably better.
# TAG=latest-steam-client-general-availability${TAG}
docker pull ${SDK}
${wd}/ ${SDK} armasteam_64 --target armabuild_zthreadconfig || exit $?
# old way relying on cobbling together a local image from a tar
${wd}/../scripts/ steamrt_scout_amd64 || exit $?
${wd}/ steamrt_scout_amd64 armasteam_64 --target armabuild_zthreadconfig || exit $?
......@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
# canonical 64 bit steam SDK environment
# see
# outdated, can go away on next update, see
set -x
wd="`dirname $0`"
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