Commit 02117f59 authored by Manuel Moos's avatar Manuel Moos
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Use XDG compliant cache directory

Fixes #43
parent 230410a4
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......@@ -19,8 +19,9 @@ extralib=
if test "x${LD_DEBUG_APP}" = xtrue; then
echo "Library debug mode: ignore system libraries."
mkdir -p ~/.${EXEC}
mkdir -p ${CACHE_DIR}
if test ! -e ${CACHE} || test "${0}" -nt ${CACHE}; then
# find all directories in ld's cache
for lib in $({ /sbin/ldconfig -p || ldconfig -p; } | tail -n +2 | sed -e "s,.* =>,," -e "s,/[^/]*$,," | sort -u); do
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