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  • v48.6-dev
    Release v48.6-dev

    New Feature

    • Major redesign of ArcMenu Settings

    • Prevent Dash to Dock from hiding when Arc Menu is active #325
    • Update .pot file
  • v48.5-dev
    Release v48.5-dev
    • New full-screen layout 'Dashboard'
    • Code refactoring to allow new full-screen layout
    • Update ArcMenu code that handles menu alignment on Dash to Panel position change event. Note - Dash to Panel recently reworked panel positions to allow different panel positions for each monitor, update Arc Menu accordingly.
    • Merge menuButtonDash and menuButtonPanel into one class menuButton
    • Code refactoring of class names and variables for better clarity
    • Keep menu items highlighted when context menu open
    • Add "Multi-Lined Labels" setting to help alleviate truncated labels on grid style layouts
    • Refactor and simplify keyboard navigation code
    • Cancel tool-tip showing event when context menu is opened.
    • Fix hotkey issue that enabled SUPER_R hotkey by default.
    • Add additional Distro Icons
    • New menu button styling options
  • v48.4-dev
    Release v48.4-dev
    • Hover icon color is applied when the cursor is over the button not the icon only
    • Add an option to change hover icon color, no longer shares the active color any longer
    • Add new option in prefs.js settings for current feature
    • Closes feature request #323
  • v48.3-dev
    Release v48.3-dev
    • Fix errors thrown when resetting all Arc Menu settings.
    • Add label to clarify setting in 'Fine Tune'
    • Add more legal disclaimers for distro icons
  • v48.2-dev
    Release v48.2-dev
    • Add a search in settings when adding to Pinned Apps list (#314)
    • Slight styling tweaks to buttons and context menus
    • Keyboard navigation fix on tognee layout
    • Add more distro icons
    • Add new preset theme 'Silk Desert'
    • Add 'Reset all Settings to Default' button in Settings->Misc (#320)
    • Add scroll-box to distro icons disclaimer window to make room for more disclaimers
  • v48.1-dev
    Release v48.1-dev
    • event.type() is not a function. Use event.type instead (Touch screen fix #318)
    • Updated German translation
  • v47-Stable protected
    Release v47-Stable
    • Redesign icon UI in settings
    • Remove x_fill y_fill properties on St.Bin St.Scrollview
    • Update the coloring of tooltips and application context menus for better contrast (When override menu theme enabled)
    • Add new utility function findSoftwareManager() - Attempts to find an installed software manager based on a list in Constants.js
    • Update .pot file to include new panel icon strings
    • Show color palette preview for all menu preset themes in settings
    • Add new preset themes and modify some older theme names
    • Add new panel icons
    • Remove unused function in basemenulayout.js
    • Hide tooltips when item not active
    • Bold the application title label on tooltips when description is showing
    • Fix application title not showing on tooltip search results when title label is ellipsized
    • Improve mouse scrolling speed and smoothness (#280) (#296)
    • Update vfade effect
    • Use constants for column count, column spacing and row spacing.
    • Variable spacing on search results based on current menu layout.
    • Improve arrow key scrolling navigation on larger icon layouts
    • Fix vfade effect on scrollviews when multiple scrollviews are present #301
    • Simplify some strings
    • Polish up spacing and padding on various layouts
    • Update .pot file
    • Add setting to Clear all Applications Marked "New"
    • Add "Flip Layout Horizontally" and "Searchbar Location" tweaks to all Traditional Layouts and others
    • Add Alphabetize 'All Programs' tweak that groups all programs into a alphabetized order
    • Rename Neat layout to 'tognee Menu'
    • Add various tweaks for 'tognee Menu'
    • Fix scrollbar issue on 'tognee Menu'
    • Raven layout change 3 columns to 4 columns
    • Rename searchbar location settings
    • Fix session buttons not appearing on search in grid layouts
    • Remove a log call
    • Add "Frequent Apps" option as a Default Menu View for ArcMenu Layout (#264)
    • Fix some icons in settings to match global theme
    • Set muteInput to false when opening ArcMenu to prevent delays in searching (#302)
    • Minor keyboard navigation tweaks (#291)
    • Add openSUSE panel icon option
  • v46-Stable protected
    Release v46-Stable
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    • Add Distro icons
    • Add new custom icons
    • Mint layout alignment changes and styling changes
    • Various UI/UX changes to settings
    • Redesign Shortcuts page in settings
    • Remove test Browse Presets button under Misc tab
    • Update POT file for new translation strings
    • 'Extra Categories' Customization
    • New Home Screen icon. New Browse Layouts Icon
    • Check for Ubuntu Snap Store as a software manager.
    • Relocate Browse Presets feature
    • Add Information buttons to some settings in prefs
    • Update .pot file
    • Brisk, Budgie layouts Left Panel now adjustable (#278)
    • Budgie layout - add "Searchbar Location" and "Enable Activities Shortcut" tweaks (#278)
    • Potential Search fix (#51)
    • New and updated translations
    • Update ArcMenu Gitlab url.
    • Merge search and searchGrid into one file
    • Add Active Menu Item Foreground Color settings (#273)
    • Use themes default button styling with slight modifications (Possible fix for #277)
    • Fix minor UbuntuDash layout padding issue with category button
  • v45-Stable protected
    Release v45-Stable
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    • Fix Makefile and metadata.json when pulling from git. (#266, #265, #257)
    • Show commit number in prefs when available
    • Use Ease instead of Tweener for tooltip animations.
    • Looks like 3.36 will soon drop tweener support https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/-/merge_requests/1200
    • Fix padding on Budgie, GnomeMenu.
    • Fix expand and fill properties on certain layouts.
    • Update a few strings in prefs.
    • Add setting to change "New" app text indicator color.
    • Update .pot file
    • Fix recently installed apps indicator for nested sub category menus
    • Use fallback icon name if category menu gicon missing
    • Add 'Searchbar Location' and 'Flip Horizontally" tweaks to Redmond layout
    • Fix minor display issues with "Pin to ArcMenu" feature
    • Fix indents in schema file
    • Remove a few unused strings in prefs.js
    • menuButtonPanel.js - Variable name change
    • Major refactoring of all menu layouts. Extend each menu layout class from new baseMenuLayout class.
    • Add recently installed applications indicator
    • Arc Menu Layout - Add 'Disable User Avatar' 'Flip Horizontally' 'Searchbar Location' Tweaks.
    • Add "Disable Searchbox Border" setting
    • Add "Browse Presets" feature to import preset themes designed by the ArcMenu team
  • v44-Stable protected
    Release v44-Stable
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    Point Pre-Release GNOME 3.36 - Bug fixes

    • Drop 3.34 Support. GNOME Shell 3.36 only
    • Update deprecated calls for GNOME Shell 3.36
    • Fix searchbox styling when using Override ArcMenu Theme
    • Allow custom icon for user created directory shortcuts (#244)
    • Fix ArcMenu interaction with Dash to Panel on intellihide (#242)
    • Move more functions into utils.js
    • Get version number from metadata.json instead of constants.js.
    • Reorganize and move some utility functions into utils.js
    • prefsWidgets.js: Remove imports.misc.params (#240)
    • Update pot file
    • Fix expanded ArcMenu button in Dash to Panel (#239)
  • v43-Stable protected
    Release v43-Stable
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    Point Release for Bug fixes and Refactoring

    • Reset menu to the default menu view after the closing animation is complete (#233)
    • Additional touchscreen support (#225)
    • Trigger reload events only on menu open or menu close event. Avoids unnecessary repeated calls to reload and prevents menu from reloading when opened. (#230)
    • Clean up MenuWidgets.js code.
    • Add Touchscreen scrolling support (#225)
    • Add User Manual link to About Page. Update Credits. Update About Page
    • Fix for some category icons not displaying (#47)
    • Add option to Restore Activities Button when hiding ArcMenu button (!254)
    • Add setting to hide ArcMenu icon. See Arc Menu Icon Settings in Appearance tab. Thanks to @goodwillcoding for the idea !254
    • Update icon for "Arc Menu Settings" default pinned app
    • Fix "Ubuntu Dash" layout category button alignment
    • Fix some slight styling issues with custom shell themes
    • Add "Display Arc Menu on all monitors" option for DtD and Ubuntu Dock
    • Fixes for displaying ArcMenu on multiple monitors in DtD or UbuntuDock
    • Keyboard navigation fixes
    • Initial multi monitor ArcMenu integration with Dock extensions (#215)
    • Fix for search box not clearing upon menu close (#218)
    • Stop grabbing key focus on menu close (#219)
    • Remove Gdk.Screen calls (Deprecated, soon to be removed)
    • Add 'icon-dropshadow' to all icons
    • Adjust Menu Height on 'monitors-change' event
    • Fix search statustext styling
    • Fix styling on some search result items
    • Add "Pin to Arc Menu" app context menu option for "Raven Menu" layout
    • Fix some icons not showing in searchGrid.js
    • Initial "Ubuntu Dock" extension integration
  • v41-Stable protected
    Release v41-Stable
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    New Features

    • Dash to Dock integration. New setting that will place Arc Menu in Dash to Dock
    • Major redesign to the Ubuntu Dash layout to go along with new Dash to Dock integration feature.
    • New menu layouts - “Raven Menu” and “Chromebook”
    • New to GNOME shell 3.34+ Weather and World Clock widgets. Available for “Raven Menu” and “Ubuntu Dash” layouts
    • Add “Create Desktop Shortcut” option to application context menus. Will only appear if Desktop-Icons extensions is enabled.
    • Add "Right-Panel Width" setting in "Customize Arc Menu Appearance"
    • Add "Disable Menu Arrow" setting in "Customize Arc Menu Appearance" that will disable the current themes menu arrow pointer and remove any menu displacement
    • Add “Disable Category Arrows” setting in "Customize Arc Menu Appearance" that will disable the arrows on all category menu items.
    • Add “Disable Activities Button” setting when in Dash to Dock mode
    • New Arc Menu icons and many more custom menu icons – see “Menu Button Appearance" on the “Appearance” tab in settings
    • Keyboard Navigation rework – better support for keyboard use


    • Grid icons style changed to have rounded corners.
    • Search grid list results now span the width of the menu and have rounded corners
    • Search grid app results center aligned with 10px spacing
    • New button styling for more consistent look across all themes.
    • New searchbox styling for more consistent look across all themes.
    • Add icon preview in “Menu Button Appearance" dialog window
    • Set default menu button icon size to 20 (was 22)
    • Tooltip changes to show name if label is ellipsized
    • Change "All Programs" category icon to ‘view-grid-symbolic’
    • New Arc Menu logo in About page in settings
    • Clean up Arc Menu About Page in settings
    • Redesign Ubuntu-Dash svg in settings to match new redesigned Ubuntu Dash layout
    • Clean up "Menu Button Appearance" and “Customize Arc Menu Appearance” dialog windows
    • Code changes to support current GNOME 3.35 build
    • Change stylesheet directory to avoid permissions issues. Useful for Manjaro pre-installed Arc Menu
    • Change order of Menu Icons in settings, first three listed will always be
      • Arc Menu Icon (default setting)
      • System Default
      • Custom Icon


  • v39-Stable protected
    Release v39-Stable
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    • Ubuntu Dash layout - Remove unused setting in code causing errors
    • Code Clean Up/Refactoring for search.js, searchgrid.js, menuWidgets.js
    • Shorten a few title strings
    • Add Notebook page for Configure Shortcuts > Applications > Add more apps
    • Fix GNOME gedit preset hot corner activity not showing up when selected.
    • Update ArcMenu POT file for translations
    • Add presets for Custom Hot Corner action
    • Update pot file for translations
    • Fix for restoring hotkey default GNOME values on Arc Menu destroy call. (#191)
    • GNOME shell 3.5.0+ support (Might need more updates based on further gnome shell development)
    • Activities Hot Corner setting rework. Add support for custom commands and option to toggle Arc menu (#193)
    • Fix for KRunner layout being shown automatically upon unlocking screen lock (#190)
    • Add tooltips in prefs.js
    • KRunner layout - Add Extra Large Icons with App Details Toggle Setting
    • Shortcuts rework and new code architecture.
    • Full customization for all application and directory shortcut menu items.
    • Additional tooltip updates.
    • Increase right padding on Category Sub Menus scrollbars (Fixes overlapping scrollbars)
    • Code clean up and Category Sub Menus related fixes
    • Add tooltip_text support for menuWidget IconButton
    • Add Category Sub Menus (Setting available in Customize Arc Menu Appearance Defaults to disabled)
    • Code clean up on multiple layouts
    • "Windows" layout updates. Add Back button and shadow to favorites panel. #184
    • Fix search results not displaying and search errors when installing new apps #185
  • v38-Stable protected
    Release v38-Stable
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    New Additions:

    ◦ Super_L & Super_R Hotkey rework
    ◦ Add “Budgie” Style Layout – Thanks to https://gitlab.com/MagneFire
    ◦ Add “Windows 10” Style Layout
    ◦ Add “KRunner” Style Layout
    ◦ Add “Menu Alignment” setting when Arc Menu is positioned in center of panel.
    ◦ Menu Layout Specific Tweaks
        ▪ Category Activate On Hover Setting (Mint, Whisker, Brisk, GNOME menu layouts)
        ▪ Mint Menu Layout Pinned Apps Customization Tweaks
    ◦ Add Alt Menu Button Icon
    ◦ Add menu button icon padding setting 
    ◦ Add "Gap Adjustment" setting option
    ◦ Add Tool-tip showing delay. (If tool-tip already shown, no delay)
    ◦ Add tool-tip to Arc Menu ‘Pinned Apps’ with ellipsized labels 
    ◦ Add tool-tip to Category Menu Items with ellipsized labels 
    ◦ Add padding to tool-tips and app right click menus if too close to edge of screen or edge of main menu.


    ◦ Fix "Pin to Arc Menu" and "Unpin from Arc Menu"
    ◦ Fix LoadFavorites on settings change
    ◦ Fix Dash to Panel multi-monitor support.
    ◦ Fix default web browser pinned app functionality 
    ◦ Fix typo in old code. GioIOErrorEnum -> Gio.IOErrorEnum 
    ◦ Fix Wayland Gdk.Display.get_default() is null error. 
    ◦ Fix Mint Layout Terminal button icon

    Code Updates:

    ◦ Only create tool-tips and right click menus as needed, not all at once (greatly improves load times)
    ◦ Hotkey “On Release” updates - Thanks to: Charles Gagnon (charlesg99)
    ◦ Various clean ups of ‘destroy’ calls 
    ◦ Update handling of menu height. 
    ◦ Clean up search code
    ◦ Clean up tooltip show/hide code
    ◦ Hide tooltips on application right click 
    ◦ Prefs.js clean up and re-organization
    ◦ Updated .pot File
    ◦ Updated Makefile
  • v37-Stable protected
    Release v37-Stable
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    **Latest stable build**
    *  Fix this._app.create_icon_texture(....).gicon is null Error (gnome 3.34 hotfix)
    * Add back Arrow beside Menu Button setting.
    * Update stylesheet
    * Fix memory usage issues
    * Remove arrow beside icon setting
    * Add Menu Button Color settings
    * Clean up Menu Button settings UI
    * All scroll bars will reset back to the top when closing a menu.
    * Large icon menu layouts – Fix styling issues on search results
    * Fix ‘destroy’ calls on placedisplay.js
    * Fix tooltip padding for certain shell themes.
    * Don't assume Firefox is installed. Check for default web browser. (Mint Layout Firefox button and default Firefox pinned app)
    * Mint Layout – Software button. Add support for pamac-software
    * Fix menu button active state bug. (Switching between left and right click menus on the menu button, active state would sometimes not trigger)
    * Updated .pot File
    * General code clean up
    * Latest development branch
    * Sync version numbers with EGO
  • v34-Stable protected
    Release v34-Stable
    • Bug fixes refinement and point release.
  • v33-Stable protected
    ff12b62d · Update whisker.js ·
    Release v33-Stable

    Latest stable branch

  • v31-stable protected   Latest Stable version of ArcMenu.
    dc4bacd4 · Upload New File ·
  • v30 protected   The Stable version of ArcMenu.
    Release v30

    Stable release of ArcMenu

  • v22 protected
    Release v22

    Source code for the legacy version of Arc menu supports anything below gnome-shell 3.28.