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Version 1.0 May 11 2008
Initial public release
Version 1.1 May 26 2008
Fixed issues with incorrect drive letters in file paths.
Updated Quantum GIS to 0.10 (IO).
Included gvSIG mobile.
Changed contact emails in license.txt and readme.txt files.
Version 1.2 June 10 2008
Changed install.php to look in drive directory rather than xampplite directory to look for drive letters to change in files.
Changed to include additional files that needed drive letters changing.
Changed featureserver and tilecache cgi and cfg files to include lower-case drive paths.
Changed geoserver start and stop batch files to use relative drive letters rather than fixed.
Changed httpd.conf to include lower-case drive paths for additional portable gis directives.
Added line for mapserver reprojections to httpd.conf (courtesy of Bruce Rindahl). Renamed dlls in FWTools2.1.0, and changed paths in openev.bat from absolute to relative to make Open_EV run.
Version 2.0 PortableGIS_v2.exe July 2009
Upgrades to all packages to latest stable versions.
Redesign of menu system, from system tray menu to control panel.
Creation of installer rather than zip file
Inclusion of PgAdmin III rather than phppgadmin for PostgreSQL administration.
Inclusion of utility packages.
Creation of Portable GIS index page rather than using the one that comes with xampplite.
Version 3.0 PortableGIS_v3.exe April 2012
Significantly stripped down version no longer including gvsig, udig, mysql
Other packages all updated to latest stable version
MS4W used in place of xampplite/FWTools
Addition of portable web brwoser (firefox), text editor (Geany), pdf reader (Foxit)
Addition of Loader for gml/kml loading
Addition of portable Python 2.7
Redesign of control panel
Version 3.1 portablegis_setup_v3.exe December 2012
Includes Quantum GIS server package, fully configured (see documentation)
Includes gdal and ogr libraries for portable python (see documentation)
Version 4.0 portablegis_setup_v4.exe December 2013
Includes QGIS 2
Includes psycopg2 for python/postgresql integration
Includes latest version of Astun Technology's Loader for gml/kml loading
Version 4.1 portablegis_setup_v4.exe April 2014
Includes QGIS 2.2
QGIS server component not configured, pending further investigation
Version 4.2 portablegis_setup_v42.exe September 2014
Includes QGIS 2.4
Version 5.0 portablegis_setup_v5.exe September 2014
Includes PostgreSQL 9.3 and PostGIS 2.1
Version 5.2 portablegis_setup_v52.exe August 2015
Includes QGIS 2.8 LTR
Version 5.6 portablegis_setup_v56.exe March 2016
Includes Geoserver 2.8 (jdk 1.8) and QGIS 2.14 LTR
Version 5.8 portablegis_setup_v58.exe August 2017
Includes QGIS 2.18.7 LTR
Version 5.8 portablegis_setup_v58.exe August 2017
Includes QGIS 2.18.11 LTR
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