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- Please provide **step-by-step** instructions on how I might reproduce your issue. Imagine that I have just put the USB stick containing Portable GIS into my computer and I am unfamiliar with it. What do I have to do to make the problem occur? See [Polite Technology]( for more information on how to submit a good bug report.
* If you wish to fork Portable GIS and build your own version, that's fine, but please respect the terms of the license. This means calling your version something other than Portable GIS so there's no confusion, and releasing the code under the correct license terms.
## How exactly do I contribute?
## How exactly do you contribute?
This section is for people that are not familiar with submitting pull requests to a git-based repository. Firstly, see the GitLab [Getting Started Pages]( for how to set yourself up with an account. If you are familiar with GitHub, then the process is very similar but with slightly different terminology.
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