ARandR released

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…with the following changes since 0.1.4 (the intermediate releases were not
important enough to get own release announcements):

* Merged parts of the cglita branch

  - solves ValueError / "1080p" issue (Debian bug `#507521`_)

* Fix the 'primary' issue

  - ignores the primary keyword
  - makes ARandR compatible with xrandr 1.4.0

* Show the entire output submenu as disabled instead of the "Active" checkbox
* New unxrandr tool
* New translations:

  - Bosnian (by Semsudin Abdic)
  - Breton (by Belvar)
  - Dutch (by wimfeijen)
  - Galician (by Miguel Anxo Bouzada)
  - Greek (by Dimitris Giouroukis)
  - Hungarian (by Tamás Nagy)
  - Japanese (by o-157)
  - Korean (by ParkJS)
  - Lithunian (by Algimantas Margevičius)
  - Persian (by Alireza Savand)
  - Romanian (by sjb and Себастьян Gli ţa Κατινα)
  - Slovak (by Slavko)
  - Swedish (by Ingemar Karlsson)
  - Ukrainian (by Rax Garfield)

* Updated translations:

  - French (by Bruno Patri)
  - Lithuanian (by Mantas Kriaučiūnas)
  - Persian (by Alireza Savand)
  - Spanish (by Miguel Anxo Bouzada)

* Other small bugfixes

.. _`#507521`:
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