Commit 9629ac3d authored by chrysn's avatar chrysn

update release checklist: use release branch

parent 315178aa
checklist before release:
* set version in `` and `screenlayout/`
* after next release, ditch old svn, install redirect and notify maintainers
* in branch master, set version in `` and `screenlayout/`
* update README for new file names (be sure to catch all)
* `git checkout release`
* `git merge --no-ff master` (make sure files that should not be shipped in the tarball are not pulled)
* `git tag $VERSION`
* `git archive $VERSION | gzip > ../arandr-$VERSION.tar.gz`
* `git archive $VERSION | gzip -9 > ../arandr-$VERSION.tar.gz`
* `pristine-tar commit ../arandr-$VERSION.tar.gz`
* update website to reflect new README
* push to gitorious
* notify maintainers
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