Commit 611d544d authored by chrysn's avatar chrysn

dropped the 'release-preparation' mechanism for launchpad

parent df7fb9e0
to be always kept in mind:
* after files that don't go into the release are changed, merge ``master`` into ``release-preparation`` to state that this file should still not be released
checklist before release:
* work on branch master
......@@ -11,10 +7,8 @@ checklist before release:
* update copyright references to current year (screenlayout/, README)
* commit as 'ready for release ...'
* `git log --first-parent master >`
* `git checkout release-preparation`
* `git merge --no-ff master` (this removes all files that are not supposed to be shipped. if conflicts arise, merge -- but this should already have happened!)
* `git checkout release`
* `git merge --no-ff release-preparation`
* `git merge --no-ff master` (files may be modified in both: deleted in release, modified in master. the probably hould still be deleted.)
* `mv ChangeLog; git commit --amend -a` and set commit message to last NEWS entry
* `git tag $VERSION`
* `git archive $VERSION --prefix="arandr-$VERSION/" | gzip -9 > ../arandr_$VERSION.orig.tar.gz`
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