Commit 46f567b5 authored by chrysn's avatar chrysn

Acknowledge changes in copyright file

parent b3fe73e2
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ PROGRAMNAME = _(u'ARandR Screen Layout Editor')
# (ein weiteres GUI für XRandR)" so users get both the explanation of
# the acronym and a localized version.
COPYRIGHT = u'© chrysn 2008 – 2016, Себастьян Gli ţa Κατινα 2011, Johannes Holmberg 2015'
COPYRIGHT = u'© chrysn 2008 – 2019, Себастьян Gli ţa Κατινα 2011, Johannes Holmberg 2015, actionless 2019'
# other names of contributors found in the git history. mailmap (see
# git-shortlog(1)) won't cut it, because some contributors don't have any email
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