1. 23 Feb, 2011 1 commit
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      Update x conflict failure message · db70a376
      John Johansen authored
      Output a better failure message when a conflict of x permissions cause
      policy compilation to fail.  We don't have enough information available
      to output which rules during the dfa compilation so just improve the
      message to let people know that it means there are conflicting x modifiers
      in the rules.
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarJohn Johansen <john.johansen@canonical.com>
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      Add Audit control to AppArmor through, the use of audit and deny · a3c0753b
      John Johansen authored
      key words.  Deny is also used to subtract permissions from the
      profiles permission set.
      the audit key word can be prepended to any file, network, or capability
      rule, to force a selective audit when that rule is matched.  Audit
      permissions accumulate just like standard permissions.
        audit /bin/foo rw,
        will force an audit message when the file /bin/foo is opened for
        read or write.
        audit /etc/shadow w,
        /etc/shadow r,
        will force an audit message when /etc/shadow is opened for writing.
        The audit message is per permission bit so only opening the file
        for read access will not, force an audit message.
        audit can also be used in block form instead of prepending audit
        to every rule.
        audit {
          /bin/foo rw,
          /etc/shadow w,
        /etc/shadow r,	# don't audit r access to /etc/shadow
      the deny key word can be prepended to file, network and capability
      rules, to result in a denial of permissions when matching that rule.
      The deny rule specifically does 3 things
      - it gives AppArmor the ability to remember what has been denied
        so that the tools don't prompt for what has been denied in
        previous profiling sessions.
      - it subtracts globally from the allowed permissions.  Deny permissions
        accumulate in the the deny set just as allow permissions accumulate
        then, the deny set is subtracted from the allow set.
      - it quiets known rejects.  The default audit behavior of deny rules
        is to quiet known rejects so that audit logs are not flooded
        with already known rejects.  To have known rejects logged prepend
        the audit keyword to the deny rule.  Deny rules do not have a
        block form.
        deny /foo/bar rw,
        audit deny /etc/shadow w,
        audit {
           deny owner /blah w,
           deny other /foo w,
           deny /etc/shadow w,
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      Add the ability to specify link subset test on a link pair, and · 36ad7de2
      John Johansen authored
      fix a bug where link pairs could get improperly merged.
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      update parser to use HAS_X macros · b96bd2cd
      John Johansen authored
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      [https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=172061] · 3cb147e2
      John Johansen authored
      This (updated) patch to trunk adds support for Px and Ux (toggle
      bprm_secure on exec) in the parser, As requested, lowercase p and u
      corresponds to an unfiltered environmnet on exec, uppercase will filter
      the environment.  It applies after the 'm' patch.
      As a side effect, I tried to reduce the use of hardcoded characters in
      the debugging statements -- there are still a few warnings that have
      hard coded letters in them; not sure I can fix them all.
      This version issues a warning for every unsafe ux and issues a single
      warning for the first 'R', 'W', 'X', 'L', and 'I' it encounters,
      except when the "-q" or "--quiet" flag , "--remove" profile flag, or
      "-N" report names flags are passed.  Unfortunately, it made the logic
      somewhat more convoluted.  Wordsmithing improvements welcome.
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