Commit e70f8f2f authored by Christian Boltz's avatar Christian Boltz

remove duplicated "dbus" from "unsupported rule types" regex

(introduced in my previous patch)
Acked-by: Tyler Hicks's avatarTyler Hicks <>
parent f1c86e24
......@@ -5438,7 +5438,7 @@ sub parse_profile_data($$$) {
$initial_comment .= "$_\n";
} elsif (/^\s*(audit\s+)?(deny\s+)?(owner\s+)?(capability|dbus|file|mount|pivot_root|remount|umount|signal|unix|ptrace|dbus)/) {
} elsif (/^\s*(audit\s+)?(deny\s+)?(owner\s+)?(capability|dbus|file|mount|pivot_root|remount|umount|signal|unix|ptrace)/) {
# ignore valid rules that are currently unsupported by
# BUG: when writing the profile, those rules are lost!
} else {
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