Commit 5f3fc904 authored by Christian Boltz's avatar Christian Boltz

aa-genprof: fix last_audit_entry_time()

last_audit_entry_time() was waiting forever because 
subprocess.check_output() started tail without any parameters.
Fixed by removing shell=True (default is shell=False).

Also fix the regex ("^.*", the dot was missing)
Acked-by: Steve Beattie's avatarSteve Beattie <>
parent 6557090a
......@@ -39,10 +39,10 @@ def sysctl_write(path, value):
def last_audit_entry_time():
out = subprocess.check_output(['tail', '-1', '/var/log/audit/audit.log'], shell=True)
out = subprocess.check_output(['tail', '-1', '/var/log/audit/audit.log'])
logmark = None
if'^*msg\=audit\((\d+\.\d+\:\d+).*\).*$', out):
logmark ='^*msg\=audit\((\d+\.\d+\:\d+).*\).*$', out).groups()[0]
if'^.*msg\=audit\((\d+\.\d+\:\d+).*\).*$', out):
logmark ='^.*msg\=audit\((\d+\.\d+\:\d+).*\).*$', out).groups()[0]
logmark = ''
return logmark
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