Make coverity: do all compiles as one scan-build run

In fed10192, the coverity build process
was modified to split out the build logs into separate files, instead of
having one log file that gets overwritten repeatedly, making failures
hard to debug.

However, the coverity service gets upset if there is no file named with
the expected build log name. Therefore, instead, we'll capture the
python bits first, and then capture all the compilation bits in one
cov-build command.

PR: !273Signed-off-by: Steve Beattie's avatarSteve Beattie <>
Acked-by: Christian Boltz's avatarChristian Boltz <>
parent 0a666b8e
Pipeline #38559900 passed with stages
in 10 minutes and 9 seconds
......@@ -54,12 +54,12 @@ snapshot: clean
.PHONY: coverity
coverity: snapshot
cd $(SNAPSHOT_NAME)/libraries/libapparmor && ./configure --with-python
$(foreach dir, $(filter-out utils profiles tests, $(DIRS)), \
cov-build --dir $(COVERITY_DIR) -- $(MAKE) -C $(SNAPSHOT_NAME)/$(dir); \
mv $(COVERITY_DIR)/build-log.txt $(COVERITY_DIR)/build-log-$(subst /,.,$(dir)).txt ;)
$(foreach dir, libraries/libapparmor utils, \
cov-build --dir $(COVERITY_DIR) --no-command --fs-capture-search $(SNAPSHOT_NAME)/$(dir); \
mv $(COVERITY_DIR)/build-log.txt $(COVERITY_DIR)/build-log-python-$(subst /,.,$(dir)).txt ;)
cov-build --dir $(COVERITY_DIR) -- sh -c \
"$(foreach dir, $(filter-out utils profiles tests, $(DIRS)), \
$(MAKE) -C $(SNAPSHOT_NAME)/$(dir);) "
.PHONY: export_dir
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