Commit 3b5bede1 authored by Christian Boltz's avatar Christian Boltz add basic support for signal, unix, ptrace and dbus rules

YaST still uses, and now errors out when starting the 
profile editor because it doesn't know about signal, unix, ptrace and 
dbus rules.

This patch adds basic support for those rules to by adding 
them to the "ignore those rules" regex.

Note: Rules covered by this regex are lost when writing the profile
therefore the patch adds a comment to at least make this a "known bug".

References: Steve Beattie's avatarSteve Beattie <>
parent 44d2e9da
......@@ -5438,8 +5438,9 @@ sub parse_profile_data($$$) {
$initial_comment .= "$_\n";
} elsif (/^\s*(audit\s+)?(deny\s+)?(owner\s+)?(capability|dbus|file|mount|pivot_root|remount|umount)/) {
} elsif (/^\s*(audit\s+)?(deny\s+)?(owner\s+)?(capability|dbus|file|mount|pivot_root|remount|umount|signal|unix|ptrace|dbus)/) {
# ignore valid rules that are currently unsupported by
# BUG: when writing the profile, those rules are lost!
} else {
# we hit something we don't understand in a profile...
die sprintf(gettext('%s contains syntax errors. Line [%s]'), $file, $_) . "\n";
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