Commit 1203923b authored by Christian Boltz's avatar Christian Boltz

more aa-mergeprof fixes

- change --help for files - "Profile(s) to merge" instead of "base profile"
- display the profile to save when asking to save it
- disable searching for existing network rules in abstractions because 
  it crashes. This doesn't hurt too much, see Steve Beattie's avatarSteve Beattie <>
parent aeebcbc2
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ from apparmor.translations import init_translation
_ = init_translation()
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=_('Merge the given profiles into /etc/apparmor.d/ (or the directory specified with -d)'))
parser.add_argument('files', nargs='+', type=str, help=_('base profile'))
parser.add_argument('files', nargs='+', type=str, help=_('Profile(s) to merge'))
#parser.add_argument('other', nargs='?', type=str, help=_('other profile'))
parser.add_argument('-d', '--dir', type=str, help=_('path to profiles'))
#parser.add_argument('-a', '--auto', action='store_true', help=_('Automatically merge profiles, exits incase of *x conflicts'))
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ def act(files, merge_mode, merging_profile):
q.explanation = _('The following local profiles were changed. Would you like to save them?')
q.default = 'CMD_VIEW_CHANGES'
q.options = []
q.options = [merging_profile]
q.selected = 0
ans = ''
......@@ -707,8 +707,11 @@ class Merge(object):
# severity handling for net toggles goes here
for sock_type in sorted(other.aa[profile][hat][allow]['netdomain']['rule'][family].keys()):
if apparmor.aa.profile_known_network(self.user.aa[profile][hat], family, sock_type):
#if apparmor.aa.profile_known_network(self.user.aa[profile][hat], family, sock_type):
# continue
# disabled for now because it crashes, for details and impact see
default_option = 1
options = []
newincludes = apparmor.aa.match_net_includes(self.user.aa[profile][hat], family, sock_type)
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